Healthy pets sit, stay and wag tails as their enthusiastic owners tell us why Pet Treatery is the most trusted one-stop shop for Nutra Bites™.

Bentley tried TGIPT’s treats a couple months ago for the first time & I have been feeding him them ever since! Bentley has skin allergies and cannot have certain foods but I don’t have to worry about accidentally giving him something he’s not supposed to have with TGIPT. Bentley’s favorite are the Sockeye Salmon Stars! All TGIPT treats are natural with no surprise ingredients and are homemade with love! We are so happy we found treats that Bentley drools for and keep his skin allergies in check! Thank you for your amazing products TGIPT!


We love the treats! Unlike a lot of other cookies and training treats these aren't sticky, messy and don't crumble like other biscuit types. 
Plus the treats make feeding supplements so much easier!
Also love the leather leash we ordered recently. It's very sturdy and looks great!!
Thank you TGITP!  


My coworker introduced me to your wild-sockeye-salmon-stars.  I have 3 dogs (rat terrier, rat terrier w/ greyhound gene, and Chihuahua min pin), and I think they love it mainly for the crisp crunch that the star provides.  I even broke it into pieces, and I’ve got to tell you, we go out for our morning walk at 5:35 am and the minute we get to the door they fight each other up our stairs and go sit on the 2nd stair landing and wait patiently, till I start towards the fridge, and then they all bum rush me.  I get the most joy hearing them enjoy your treat.


I recently visited your shop while visiting Vancouver. I bought some of your bacon treats for my babies. They loved them! Can I order online for shipment to California?

Sally, California

TGIPT is the best! Ollie is allergic to everything which makes finding treats hard. He is so limited and I want to feed him the highest quality. We tried TGIPT and fell in love. Ollie stops in his tracks the moment he sees the bag. They're wholesome, allergy friendly, and Ollie can't get enough of them. Not only are they perfect for him, but they use all natural ingredients so I don't have to worry.  It has made our therapy training so much easier (and more fun) for the both of us! 


I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for being a local business that I can support and thank you for making healthy (irresistible according to Ashlee) cat treats and for finally opening your online store!  I've spent the last few years driving to your store from Chilliwack for cat and dog treats. It's my absolute pleasure to feed my cat your treats and I buy them as gifts for all of my family and friends with their own fur babies.  I tell everyone how great you are and am excited you now have an online store and great website that I can direct people towards. And the fact that your sales support the BCSPCA is just the icing on the cake.

Jasmin McBride

We Love The Granville Island Pet Treatery!! My dogs love the training treats - its perfect because every night at bedtime we go potty and come in and I say bedtime, my 3 kids run to their beds.  I am talking about serious zooms to their beds.  And they each get one training treat.  Now when you have 3 dogs and do this nightly you can through a lot of treats!! With the bag of training treats a get a few weeks out of it.  And whats best is I know I am giving my dogs the best treats possible, and I was able to support my community with the fact that 1% of sales is donated to the BC SPCA and the fact that we can buy local with locally sourced ingredients. Our Next favorite treat is the Nutra Supplement Treats - my kids go bonkers for these.  I have one pup with horrible breath so he gets the oral health ones, I have one pup with skin issues and she gets the skin and coat and I have a senior lab with horrible indigestion and she gets the digestive health treats.  My big girl is very limited to what she can eat so the fact that all the treats from TGIPT work for our needs is amazing.  I am so lucky that we have such a great store in our own backyard. Another great tip if you are in a rush and don't want to wait or deal with the crowds you can order ahead and in store pick up.  Thank you TGIPT for being so wonderful and only making the best for our furry friends.  Lots of Wags and Licks, Angel,Nyx and Hero


I love that all of your treats are made with natural and fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. I know exactly what my fur baby is eating and who made it. They are products that are made with love and care and that I can trust.

Jack, Miami

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I bought some of your Nutra treats from Josh on Granville Island and Sammy absolutely loved them.The Chamomile ones are her favourite and she seems much calmer. Brilliant, they work! See you again very soon....

Elliot. Vancouver, BC

About two months ago we were in Vancouver on vacation. We bought your salmon dog treats. Our pups are in love with them. Do you have an online store? Do you ship to the US?

Diane, California


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Healthy pets sit, stay and wag tails as their enthusiastic owners tell us why Pet Treatery is the most trusted one-stop shop for Nutra Bites™.

The Granville Island Pet Treatery is family-owned by pet owners who love their dogs and cats.

We support the compassionate, humane and loving treatment of pets by donating our healthy treats to local charities that rescue, protect and improve the lives of animals.

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