What is clicker training and why use it?

What is clicker training and why use it?

You’ve probably heard of clicker training before. It’s a positive reinforcement often used in dog training.


The reason many people use it is that it is faster and effective. The clicker makes a clicking sound when pressed. It is much more accurate for your dog to understand what behavior you’re targeting than saying ‘’good dog’’.  Due to this accuracy, your dog is more likely to continue to engage in the behaviors you’re training him in.


It is also much more effective than using treats alone.


To teach a dog the meaning of the click, a treat is given immediately after clicking. After your dog understands the positive benefits of the clicking sound, the clicker can be used on its own with intermittent treats.


  1. Start in a quiet place with plenty treats
  2. Press the clicker and give your dog a treat – repeat this about 10 times and soon the sound of the click will immediately alert your dog that his behaviour has earned him a reward.
  3. Next, begin teaching your dog basic commands. At the precise moment your dog performs the desired behaviour, press the clicker. Follow with a treat and praise.
  4. In the beginning, clicks should always be followed by treats.
  5. Later on when trying more advanced training you can click after a series of behaviours.


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