Training Little Dogs

Training Little Dogs

Training a small dog is not that much different to a big dog - with a few adjustments…Standing directly over a small dog can be intimidating for the little one in the beginning - rather turn slightly to the side or sit down/ kneel down and talk softly until he/she gets used your voice and hand signals.


Getting ready for lift off

Small dogs are often taken by surprise when lifted up to be help. It can be stressful. Rather train your dog with a signal or verbal cue when you are about to pick him/her up so they are more prepared.


Picking up no no’s

Make sure your little dog is allowed to meet new people or dogs on his/her terms. If your dog is shy or frightened, picking her up stops her from setting the boundaries she needs. Rather allow her to respond as comes naturally to build her sense of confidence. If she is nervous, or wants to retreat, that’s her choice.



When rewarding your small dog break your treats into small pieces. Our sardine treats are easy to break in 2 and our nutra-supplement treats can be cut into bite size pieces.


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