Sitting Tips

Sitting Tips

There are two different ways for showing your puppy what “Sit” means. Use whichever one works best for your dog.


  1. Sit in front of your puppy, holding a Granville Island Pet Treatery  treat. Put the treat right in front of his nose, then say “Sit” as you gently  lift the food above his head. He will likely sit as he lifts his head for the treat. If he backs up instead, put your other hand on his rear end and gently push him down to sit. Be sure to praise him and give him the treat as soon as he is sitting, even if he needed help.
  2. Kneel next to the pup, put one hand on his chest and the other just behind his rear legs. Say “Sit” as you push upwards chest and against his back legs, helping him into a sitting position. As soon as he is sitting, give him a one of our healthy, delicious treats!

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Free radicals are a natural by-product of metabolism and are produced in greater than normal amounts when pets are sick, elderly, exposed

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Chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine, similar to caffeine, that’s poisonous to dogs.

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